How Much Does an Inflatable Hot Tub Weigh? A Complete Guide

If you are contemplating setting up a haven for relaxation in your home, an inflatable hot tub can be a popular choice. As a great alternative to a permanent hot tub, it offers you the flexibility of a portable spa experience without occupying much space permanently. 

But, “how much does an inflatable hot tub weigh?” becomes a pertinent question to consider, especially in terms of preparing the necessary ground or deck support to house it. In this blog post, we will provide you a complete guide to understanding the weight of an inflatable hot tub, a crucial aspect to consider for the best person eyeing to purchase a new inflatable hot tub.

how much does an inflatable hot tub weigh

The Anatomy of Inflatable Hot Tub Weight

In contrast to a traditional hot tub, an inflatable hot tub weighs considerably less, making it a better choice for locations with space constraints. The weight of an inflatable hot tub primarily comprises two parts: the weight of the tub itself and the weight of the water when filled to full capacity. 

The weight of the hot tub can further increase with additional features like water jets or air jets, integrated into the design for a more luxurious spa experience, or if you’ve added an insulated hot tub cover to keep your inflatable tub more energy efficient by reducing heat loss, even this can slightly increase the weight of your hot tub overall. 

When setting up your inflatable spa, it’s a good idea to consider the following factors that contribute to the total weight:

  1. Inflatable Hot Tub: The core weight comes from the tub material and built-in components like the control panel.
  2. Water Capacity: A significant part of the weight comes from the gallons of water it holds. A gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds.
  3. Occupants: The number of people using the tub at a time. A large family enjoying the tub together can add to the weight significantly.

Weight of Water in Different Units

Whether you’re calculating in gallons or litres, these formulas will help you fin the weight of the inflatable hot tub so you can be sure your deck will support it, and install your outdoor hot tub without any worries. 

Per Gallon 

A gallon of water weighs approximately 8.34 pounds (lbs). Therefore, the weight of water in an inflatable hot tub with a capacity of ‘G’ gallons can be calculated using the formula:

Total weight in pounds (lbs)=8.34 (lbs/gallon)×G (gallons)

Total weight in pounds (lbs)=8.34(lbs/gallon)×G(gallons)

Per Litre

A liter of water weighs approximately 1 kilogram (kg) or about 2.20462 pounds (lbs). Hence, for a hot tub with a water capacity of ‘L’ liters, the total weight can be derived using the formula:

Total weight in kilograms (kg)=1 (kg/litre)×L (litres)Total weight in kilograms (kg)=1(kg/litre)×L(litres)
Total weight in pounds (lbs)=2.20462 (lbs/litre)×L (litres)Total weight in pounds (lbs)=2.20462(lbs/litre)×L(litres)

Remember, these calculations give you the weight of the water only. To find the total weight of the filled inflatable hot tub, you’ll also need to add the weight of the empty tub and the weight of the occupants (if any).

Let’s delve deeper with a chart illustrating the weights of different hot tub models considering these factors. Every hot tub varies and of course there are different types of hot tubs but these figures give you an idea for the typical inflatable spa

Hot Tub ModelTub Weight (Kg)Water Capacity (Litres)Combined Weight (lbs)Good for
CleverSpa Mia 4 person Hot Tub22.4kg800822.4 kg4 people
CleverSpa Oceana 6 Person Hot Tub28.65kg10001028.65 kg6 people

Note: The combined weight is calculated by adding the weight of the hot tub and the weight of the water (water capacity x 8.34 pounds per gallon).

Below are the calculations for the 4-6 person hot tub…

We can calculate the total weight of the hot tub when filled using the given water capacity in liters and the weight of the tub itself.

Weight of a 4 Person Hot Tub

Weight in Kilograms

  1. Water Weight: 800 liters × 1 kg/liter = 800 kg
  2. Tub Weight: 22.4 kg
  3. Total Weight: 800 kg + 22.4 kg = 822.4 kg

Weight in Pounds

To convert the total weight to pounds, we will first convert each component (water and tub weight) to pounds and then add them together.

  1. Water Weight: 800 liters × 2.20462 lbs/liter = 1763.696 lbs
  2. Tub Weight: 22.4 kg × 2.20462 lbs/kg = 49.383488 lbs
  3. Total Weight: 1763.696 lbs + 49.383488 lbs = 1813.079488 lbs

So, the total weight of the filled hot tub would be 822.4 kg or approximately 1813.08 lbs.

Weight of a 6 Person Hot Tub

Weight in Kilograms

  1. Water Weight: 1000 liters × 1 kg/liter = 1000 kg
  2. Tub Weight: 28.65 kg
  3. Total Weight: 1000 kg + 28.65 kg = 1028.65 kg

Weight in Pounds

To find the total weight in pounds, we’ll first convert the individual weights (of the water and the tub) into pounds, and then add them up.

  1. Water Weight: 1000 liters × 2.20462 lbs/liter = 2204.62 lbs
  2. Tub Weight: 28.65 kg × 2.20462 lbs/kg = 63.152253 lbs
  3. Total Weight: 2204.62 lbs + 63.152253 lbs = 2267.772253 lbs

So, the total weight of the filled hot tub would be 1028.65 kg or approximately 2267.77 lbs.

As you can see, working in litres and kg makes these hot tub weight calculations significantly easier. 

how much does a hot tub weigh

Preparing the Right Foundation

Choosing the best option for your base is vital to avoid accidents and maintain your hot tub in good condition for a long time. A ground level concrete slab or concrete surface can be a great place to set up your new hot tub, capable of handling the pounds of weight.

If you are considering setting it up on a wooden deck, ensure the deck can handle the extra weight of a hot tub. You might need extra support like joist hangers and ledger board fasteners to secure the deck properly. 

In such cases, consulting with a professional to analyze the existing deck or to build a new deck with pressure-treated lumber or composite decking for better weight distribution can be a wise move.

Once you’ve ensured all this is okay, make sure you also have a power source or power outlet nearby to install your hot tub outside. 

Enhancing Your Experience

While enjoying warm water soothing your sore muscles is a great thing, maintaining the right water temperature through a digital control panel can elevate your experience. Ensure your hot tub has features like bubble jets for a relaxing spa experience and an insulated cover to retain heat, especially in cold weather. It’s also a great way to keep the hot tub water in good quality and at the right water level for a more enjoyable time.

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Buying your first inflatable hot tub is an exciting venture. This portable hot tub offers a great way to unwind, and with proper care, it can serve you for a long time. Remember, the weight of your inflatable hot tub will depend on its water capacity, the kind of hot tub you choose, and additional features it houses, including air jets and digital controls. So, select the best inflatable hot tubs that suit your needs and prepare a suitable foundation to enjoy a warm, relaxing retreat right at your home.

We hope this guide helps you in making an informed decision for setting up your inflatable hot tub, and answers the question of how much does an inflatable hot tub weigh. Feel free to share this blog post with friends and family who might find it useful.

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